We help clients secure and protect Patent & Utility Model rights in Korea and abroad. Patent attorneys at Jinsol received engineering degrees in different fields and have abundant experiences in legal and technical aspect. We works closely with a variety of businesses and inventors, including entrepreneurs large multinational corporations, venture company, and universities. Our patent team is divided into three teams. The electronics team handles electrical, electronics, display, semiconductor, and telecommunications. The mechanical team handles mechanical, automotive, and metallurgy. The chemistry team handles chemical, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

We counsels clients on the availability of patent protection, accurately understands the invention, drafts the strongest claims and then prosecutes desirable patent applications. We also goes beyond the prosecution stage, helping clients accomplish their business objectives from the conception of an invention to its commercialization. We handles all aspects surrounding the prosecution of a patent such as analyzing new technology patentability, filing and prosecuting KOREA and foreign patent applications, managing patent portfolios management, conducting searches of prior art.